Beware of QuickPay

Last update: 31 April 2016
Beare of QuickPay


This website serves as a warning to anyone considering doing business with QuickPay Pty Ltd ( located in Narre Warren, Victoria). QuickPay is a direct debit company with questionable scruples. QuickPay withdrew money from my bank account without permission and demonstrated lax accountablily when they were caught.

Latest Update: 18/Feb/2016 - an official compaint was lodged against QuickPay with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Outcome pending...

The Short Version
My name is Louis Marshall, I'm a web developer based in Melbourne, Victoria.

In 2014 I joined a gym in Oakleigh called Cruze. Payment for my membership was via direct debit using QuickPay. In July/2015 I cancelled my membership as I moved to another gym. My cancellation was confirmed by staff at Cruze. In early 2016, I discovered that QuickPay had continued to take money out of my account in-spite of the cancellation. Without authorisation, QuickPay had taken $127.44 out of my account over the course of 5 months.

The Problem
When caught, QuickPay's attitude was as though it was a minor error - that everyhing was OK because they refunded the money when they were caught. This would be like catching someone stealing your wallet and the theif says it's OK because they didn't actually get away with your money - no foul, no harm right? Wrong, there are consequences when you're caught taking something that isn't yours. QuickPay was unable to provide a satisfactory explaination as to why they were taking money from my account when they were not authorised to do so. When I asked to come into their office and meet with their managing director, Mark Moodie Cordy, he couldn't be bothered giving me the time of day. This demonstrated a lax attitude towards accountability, they simply weren't interested in getting to the bottom of how this situation happened.

After discussing this problem with the manager of Cruze gym (Maria) it came to light that QuickPay continued to take money from a number of other members after they cancelled their contract. The issue had gotten to the point where Cruze no longer uses QuickPay for membership payments, instead they encourages customers to pay their membership upfront.

Timeline of Events

This section lists key dates and events relating to the dispute between me (Louis Marshall) and QuickPay:

  • 10/Nov/2014 → I signed up for membership with Cruze in Oakleigh. Payment for my membership was to be via automatic direct debit using QuickPay.
  • 27/Jul/2015 → I informed the gym [Cruze] in writting that I wished to cancel my membership.
  • 27/Jul/2015 → I received confirmation from Cruze gym that my request to cancel my membership was received.
  • 19/Jan/2016 → I received a letter from QuickPay saying I owed them money. This was the first time I became aware that QuickPay had been withdrawing money out of my account for 5 months without my permission.
  • 20/Jan/2016 → I made it clear to QuickPay that it was absolutely unacceptable that they had been accessing my bank account without my permission. And that I expected recompense to make up for the mistake.
  • 15/Feb/2016 → After failing to pay an invoice on time for accessing my account without authorisation, I registered a payment default against QuickPay with the debt recovery agency Creditor Watch.
  • 18/Feb/2016 → An official complaint was lodged against QuickPay with Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Supporting Evidence

This is an email sent to Cruze management showing that I cancelled my membership on 27/07/2015:
Beare of QuickPay

This is the clause in my contract with QuickPay which warrents me to charge a fee in the event that a mistake is made by them:
Beare of QuickPay

Has QuickPay Taken Your Money without Permission?

If you've had unsatisfactory dealings with QuickPay (e.g. they took money out of your account without your permission), I encourage you to lodge an official complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria. You may wish to also charge QuickPay a fee for unauthorised access to your bank account as I have done - it seems to be the only language QuickPay understands (money).


If you'd like to get in touch with me to discuss this matter, please use the following details:

Phone: 0401 151 599 → (SMS if you ring and don't get me at first)